Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall: How to Prevent an Unruly Power Delivery System

CRA-Women invites students to its 3rd Virtual Undergraduate Town Hall on Wednesday, February 24 at 8pm ET for an online webinar style discussion with Mondira Pant, lead technologist on-chip delivery at Intel Corps. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about the opportunities in research and graduate school and ask Mondira questions during the live Q&A session.

After the webinar session, there will be a mentoring event “Building Self-Confidence,” where students can participate in an active and virtual mentor experience. Click here to register.

Mondira PantSpeaker: Dr. Mondira Pant
Dr. Mondira (Mandy) Deb Pant received her bachelor’s ( in computer science and engineering from I.I.T Kharagpur, India, a master’s (M.S.) in electrical engineering and a doctorate (Ph.D.) in electrical and computer engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. She joined Intel in 2001 as part of the Alpha team acquisition from Compaq Computer Corporation. Over the past several years, as a lead technologist in the area of power delivery and power management, she investigated and drove several issues in the power space, particularly on-chip power delivery issues, power management and power reduction on the next generation server microprocessors. She has led Intel’s die power delivery synergy efforts and recently driven Intel’s power delivery Roadmap program. In her current role of Academic Research Director at Intel, she works with leading academic researchers worldwide and technical experts at Intel to seed and drive research efforts in areas of strategic importance to Intel in particular and the computing industry in general.