CRA Surveys in Progress, Deadline January 22

Two CRA surveys are due January 22.

Taulbee Survey. The main part of the Taulbee Survey is still in progress. This includes data on student degrees and enrollment, faculty, research expenditures, and the every-three-years Profiles questions about department space, teaching load, and graduate student recruitment.

The salary part of the Taulbee was due November 30. The preliminary salary report went to participants in December, but salary data can still be accepted for the full Taulbee report and will still make CRA members eligible for peer group comparison reporting. The survey can be reopened for your academic unit, but you will have to request it.

Enrollments Survey.  CRA is conducting a one-time survey of doctoral institutions that goes beyond Taulbee’s basic enrollment numbers to collect information on the current surge in computer science enrollments. It asks about the growth departments may be experiencing, what impacts they are seeing, and how they are responding. Similar questions are being asked of nondoctoral institutions through the ACM NDC survey. Preliminary results of this survey will be presented at SIGCSE in March and complete results at Snowbird in July. Results will also be shared with a National Academies study on computing enrollments.

If you have any questions about either survey, contact Dr. Betsy Bizot, CRA Director of Statistics and Evaluation, or 202-266-2943.

The higher our response rates, the more complete and valuable this information will be. We encourage all academic units to participate.

CRA Surveys in Progress, Deadline January 22