Applications for SIGCSE Pre-TS PD for Teaching Track Faculty Now Open!

Applications for CRA-E’s Pre-TS Professional Development for Teaching Track Faculty are open! Priority application deadline is Jan 16. Additional applications received after the priority deadline will be considered as space is available. The final deadline for applications is Feb. 16.


cra-e professional development for teaching track faculty SIGCSE Technical Symposium a rose with 24 next to it. a graphic with a group of people listening to someone share informationHigh enrollment in CS courses has prompted Ph.D. granting departments to recruit teaching faculty. This event addresses the professional development of teaching-track faculty in such departments, offering guidance to both faculty and graduate students seeking teaching positions. Given the limited experience in mentoring, evaluating, and promoting this faculty type, the event focuses on strategic involvement in departmental and research activities, diverse forms of scholarship, leadership pursuits, and best practices for success. The “unconference” format encourages peer mentoring and collective advice on professional development, fostering a dynamic and participant-driven experience.


Learn more and apply today:

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