Register for the Feb 13th Webinar on the NSF CSGrad4US Fellowship!

Have you or someone you know been out of school for a while and interested in pursuing a PhD in a computing field?  If so, the NSF Computer and Information Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program (CSGrad4US) may be an excellent fit! CSGrad4US provides mentorship and NSF funding to help early career professionals go back to school […]

Navigating the Landscape of Healthcare Data Sharing: Insights from CRA-I Roundtable

In a recent virtual roundtable discussion hosted by the Computing Research Association – Industry (CRA-I), industry experts and professionals convened to delve into the complexities and opportunities surrounding the sharing of healthcare data. The event, moderated by Divesh Srivastava from AT&T, featured insightful contributions from Margarita Gonzalez (Georgia Tech Research Institute), John Kansky (Indiana Health […]

Establishing Partnerships with Industry at CRA-WP’s Career Mentoring Workshop 2023

In November, CRA-Industry (CRA-I) had the honor of delivering a plenary talk at CRA-WP’s 2023 Early & Mid Career Mentoring Workshop in Chicago, IL. The speakers, CRA-I’s Co-Chair Vivek Sarkar (Georgia Tech) and Cynthia Bennett (Google), presented on “Establishing Partnerships with Industry at CRA-WP’s Career Mentoring” and sparked vibrant discussions with the audience. The speakers […]