CRA-I GenAI for Research and Science Roundtable

Recently, the Computing Research Association – Industry (CRA-I) held a dynamic roundtable event on “Generative AI (GenAI) for Research and Science,” bringing together industry leaders, researchers, and experts to delve into the transformative potential of GenAI, a subset of AI that generates new content by learning data patterns, across various scientific disciplines. CRA-I Council member […]

ACM SIGARCH BLOG: AI Software Should be More Like Plain Old Software

The following is a repost from the ACM SIGARCH blog. It was written by Emery Berger (UMass) and CRA-Industry Co-Chair Ben Zorn (Microsoft Research) on Apr 23, 2024. Large Language Models (LLMs) and other foundation models have revolutionized what is possible to implement in software. On a regular basis, new AI models with ever greater capabilities, […]

Heather Stephens (Oracle) Joins CRA-Industry Council

CRA-Industry (CRA-I) is thrilled to share that Heather Stephens (Oracle) is now a member of the CRA-I Council. Heather joins a dynamic group of Council members, led by CRA-I Council Chair Divesh Srivastava (AT&T), who are dedicated to collaborating with the CRA-I Steering Committee. Together, they will steer the direction of future committees, engage with […]