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“Valuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Our Computing Community” Panel on March 3rd

At this year’s co-located HPCA’21PPoPP’21CGO’21 and CC’21 virtual conferences, CRA Board Member Timothy M. Pinkston will moderate the panel titled Valuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Our Computing Community on March 3rd  from 1:30 to 3 PM (EST).

Panel Abstract: There is a movement occurring broadly across many scientific and engineering fields, including widely within our computing community, toward making tangible progress through intentional actions and interventions for advancing and valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion.  There is also a movement toward dismantling structural and/or systemic factors—especially but not limited to racial and gender biases—that may be standing in the way of making much needed progress in advancing and valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion fully.  Similar to those in other technical fields, we as a computing community are faced with the persistent key question: What more can and should be done?  At this panel (see full description here), which is broadly accessible to the larger computing community, this and other important questions will be discussed by a stellar set of world-renowned computing researchers who value diversity, equity, and inclusion.  From this open and lively discussion, our hope is attendees will be better positioned to make measurable progress in bringing about continual, significant, and sustained change that shall enable gainful strides in further valuing diversity, equity and inclusion within our computing community.

The panel session is free and open to the public. Register here. Find out more by visiting the link provided below.

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