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CRA Executive Director Job Description and Advertisement

The Computing Research Association (CRA)—the nation’s premier member organization of academic departments, laboratories, and industry centers aimed at advancing computing research to change the world—seeks an inclusive, transparent, and enterprising leader to serve as its next Executive Director (ED). CRA counts among its members more than 200 North American organizations active in computing research: academic departments of computer science and computer engineering; laboratories and centers in industry, government, and academia; and affiliated professional societies. The next Executive Director has a unique opportunity to lead CRA to effect change that benefits both computing research and society at large.

Formed in 1972, CRA is the largest organization of its kind in the country. It has continued to grow and offer new programs and services under an ever-widening umbrella of committees and strategic initiatives collectively focused on supporting pathbreaking, expansive, and inclusive computing research in North America. Its complex mission is supported by diverse funding streams, and its operations and strategic directions serve a wide range of stakeholder groups including academic research programs, industry groups, and the federal government. As computing becomes increasingly ubiquitous across society, CRA will play an ever more important role in fostering connection with its constituent partners; engaging with societal issues like privacy, security, and equity; challenging norms and rigid hierarchies that affect the computing research pipeline; and nucleating ideas, strategies, and policies that emphasize the transformative capacities of socially responsible computing to improve the world.

In leading and sustaining CRA’s work, the ED will report to the Executive Committee of CRA’s Board of Directors. The ED will play a robust role to build on CRA’s existing renown and further grow the national visibility and leadership of the organization at this time of critical challenge for the computing field and for society. CRA seeks as Executive Director a highly accomplished, energetic, and articulate leader who brings a strong computing science background, knowledge of the computing research community, and the capacity to interact diplomatically and effectively with a wide variety of individuals. They must possess a broad and inclusive view of the computing fields, solid management capabilities and experience, outstanding communication skills, deep understanding of the funding mechanisms that affect computing research, significant leadership and change-management experience, and the capacity to lead, mentor, and guide a highly capable and accomplished staff.

CRA has retained Isaacson, Miller, a national executive search firm, to assist in the recruitment of the Executive Director. All inquiries, nominations/referrals, and CVs with cover letters should be sent electronically to the following via http://www.imsearch.com/7971. The full list of search committee members can be found here.

John Muckle, Partner
Vijay Saraswat, Managing Associate
Raul Bernal, Senior Associate

Isaacson, Miller
263 Summer Street, Floor 7
Boston, MA 02210


CRA Looking to Develop a Mentoring Program for NSF’s CSGrad4US Graduate Fellowship

In response to the National Science Foundation (NSF) Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate’s recently announced CSGrad4US Fellowship program, the Computing Research Association’s Education (CRA-E) and Widening Participation (CRA-WP) committees, with CRA support, are exploring the development of a CSGrad4US Mentoring Program to support recipients of the CSGrad4US Fellowship. The goals of the mentoring program would be (1) to guide returning students through the application process towards a successful CS Ph.D. admission and school selection and (2) to mentor them through the transition to Ph.D. graduate study during the first year. The CSGrad4US Mentoring Program would include both a group mentoring component addressing general aspects of the graduate application process and an individual coaching component.

With an understanding of the myriad pathways into computing research, the mentoring program aims to support students with varying levels of research experience, including those with no prior research experience. The mentoring program is being explored under the guidance of Susanne Hambrusch (Purdue University), Lori Pollock (University of Delaware), Maria Gini (University of Minnesota), and Russ Joseph (Northwestern University).

Interested in serving as a mentor or coach?
More information and a sign-up opportunity will be posted on CRA, CRA-E and CRA-WP websites in the spring. Click here to subscribe to updates.