Career Mentoring Workshop

The Computing Research Association holds a biennial Career Mentoring Workshop in Washington, DC.

This workshop provides career advice and mentoring activities for post docs, assistant professors, and individuals just starting as industrial researchers in computer science.

The workshop, consisting of a series of panels, is interspersed with opportunities to network with senior researchers and representatives from government agencies.

Click here to read a participant’s perspective in the CRA Bulletin.

Sessions typically include:

Planning Your Research Career;

Career Networking;

Teaching, Mentoring and Managing Students;

Preparing a Tenure Package;

Time Management and Family Life;

Advice from Early Career Faculty; and

Writing Grant Proposals.

Workshop Agendas:

Career Mentoring Workshop 2016

Career Mentoring Workshop 2014

Career Mentoring Workshop 2012

Career Mentoring Workshop 2010

2016 Workshop Details

Date and Location: February 22-23, 2016, in Arlington, VA.

Appropriate participants from CRA-member institutions are automatically accepted (until we run out of physical space); we will accept participants from non-CRA member institutions if there is space (at a higher registration fee).

There will be both a reception with the CRA Board of Directors and an interactive meeting with various NSF CISE dignitaries and research-appropriate program directors.