The CRA Taulbee Survey

The CRA Taulbee Survey is the principal source of information on the enrollment, production, and employment of Ph.D.s in information, computer science and computer engineering (I, CS & CE) and in providing salary and demographic data for faculty in I, CS & CE in North America. Statistics given include gender and ethnicity breakdowns.

Conducted each fall since 1974, the survey in general covers the preceding academic year. Faculty salary data, however, are for the current year. The survey has always had an excellent response rate–a fact which we believe lends great credibility to the result.

Preliminary results are made available in mid-December only to survey respondents. Respondents and CRA member departments receive the final results before publication in the May CRN.

The title of the survey honors Orrin E. Taulbee of the University of Pittsburgh, who conducted these surveys for the Computer Science Board until 1984, with retrospective annual data going back to 1970.

Past CRA Taulbee Survey Results