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CERP team releases new version of Data Buddies Project webpage

Over the last few months, the CERP team has been refreshing the Data Buddies Project webpage. These new updates provide clearer, more accessible information about the project and how departments can sign up to participate in the annual Data Buddies Survey (DBS).

Some of the updated content includes a list of measures that appear on DBS, responsibilities for participating departments, and other frequently asked questions! Visit the main project webpage at: https://cra.org/cerp/data-buddies/.

The page also aggregates many other useful survey-related resources and links to sample reports that we provide participating departments.

Is your department already participating in DBS? If not, sign up to join today! We look forward to bringing DBS to your department. We are currently in the process of enrolling new departments for our 2021 survey cycle; this year, the survey will open around October/November (exact date to be announced soon).

Here is the general timeline for a given DBS survey cycle:

Table showing the typical timeline in a given DBS survey cycle. IRB preparations happen in August and September. The survey opens in October or November. Departments send student reminders in November or December. The survey closes in January or February. Departments receive their reports in May or June.

If you have any further questions about the Data Buddies Project, please contact us!

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