Assistant Professor with Tenure Track of Database Theory

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Announcement of an open position at the Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien for an

Assistant Professor with Tenure Track of Database Theory

The Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien invites applications for a full time Assistant Professor position with tenure track. The position is directed to Database Theory and is affiliated to the Institute of Logic and Computation, Research Unit Databases and Artificial Intelligence. The estimated starting date is December, 2023. The work contract is initially limited to six years. The candidate and TU Wien can agree upon a tenure evaluation, which when positive, opens the possibility to change the position to Associate Professor with an unlimited contract.

Our data and knowledge-driven society crucially depends on innovative solutions to data management problems. Database Theory aims to provide a solid formal and algorithmic framework of methods, techniques, and solutions for data management.

The following non-exhaustive list highlights some potential topics of a successful candidate:

Database design: data models, query languages, schemas, constraints
Database processing: query evaluation, query optimization, query decomposition, approximate data processing
Query processing in knowledge bases and knowledge graphs
Rule-based query languages and extensions
Database access: data structures, access methods, concurrency, transactions
Interaction of databases and machine learning; knowledge discovery from databases and/or knowledge graphs; rule learning
Interoperability: mappings and views, data integration, data exchange, ontology-based data access using rule-based languages
Logical foundations of databases; databases and logic programming; extension of databases beyond classical logic

Candidates will be evaluated according to their academic age. A successful candidate should have a relevant postdoctoral experience and a compelling research vision. We expect publications in top-tier conferences and/or journals in or connected to the area of Database Theory and the demonstration of successful independent research.

We are particularly interested in candidates working in areas that will complement our existing expertise and lead to fruitful collaborations with other members of the Faculty of Informatics and TU Wien in general.

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Application deadline: April 13, 2023