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Virginia Tech
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Virginia Tech (, founded in 1872 as a land-grant institution, is currently ranked as a Top 25 Public University by US News & World Report (USNWR) and a Top 25 Public Research University by the National Science Foundation. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE;’s graduate programs are ranked in the Top 20 by USNWR.

ECE’s Systems Software Research Group (SSRG; has multiple research positions available in the category of Research Assistant Professor, Postdoctoral Associate, and Research Associate. The positions involve conducting research in the areas of operating systems, virtualization, programming languages, compilers, and formal methods, and their intersection across different projects. Projects in operating systems involve developing innovative operating systems for emerging multicore platforms, in particular those with heterogeneous instruction sets, from node-scale (e.g., ARM/x86, CPU/GPU/FPGAs) to rack-scale (e.g., Scale-out processors, Firebox). Virtualization projects involve designing hypervisor systems with significantly reduced attack surface and strong degree of isolation in untrusted, publicly available cloud computing environments. Projects in languages and compilers involve designing domain-specific languages that automatically generate parsers for OS/hypervisor input handling, following the language-theoretic security paradigm. Projects in formal methods involve verifying machine code through de-compilation, instruction-set-architecture formalization (e.g., x86, ARMv8), and reasoning about program behaviors, all inside theorem provers (e.g., Isabelle/HOL). A cross-cutting theme across projects is to understand how to build software systems that are scalable, energy-efficient, reliable, and secure.

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