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CRA Taulbee Survey Correction to Tables by Specialty Area

By Betsy Bizot, Director of Statistics and Evaluation

In the report of the CRA Taulbee Survey published in the May 2018 CRN, there is an error in specialty area labeling in Tables D4 (Employment of New PhD Recipients by Specialty) and D4a (Detail of Industry Employment).  In both D4 and D4a, the column labels for High Performance Computing and Human Computer Interaction were swapped. In addition, in D4a the column labels in alphabetical sequence between Informatics: Biomedical/Other Science and Social Computing/Social Informatics were incorrect.

Correct tables for 2017 are provided here. However, the High Performance Computing / Human Computer Interaction label swap goes back to 2014, and the D4a labeling error goes back to 2016. Corrected versions of those year’s Taulbee reports will be posted online at

CRA regrets the error. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Betsy Bizot, CRA Director of Statistics and Evaluation, at

Table D4


Table D4


Table D4A