PITAC Work Finding its Way Into Presidential Campaign

At a stop at a Veteran’s Affairs hospital in Baltimore yesterday, President Bush apparently drew from the forthcoming report of his IT Advisory Committee (PITAC) when he noted that, in health care, “the 21st-century is using a 19th-century paperwork system.” He’s calling for the digitization of most of America’s medical records within the decade.
He’s also says he’ll name a “Federal Coordinator For IT,” but I haven’t found any additional details.
Anyway, here’s the article from TheBostonChannel.com. Bush seems to draw from the work of the PITAC Subcommittee on Health IT, which announced its draft recommendations two weeks ago. Here’s a bit more:

The result is that files get misplaced and problems with drug interactions aren’t systematically checked, among other problems.
“These old methods of keeping records are real threats to patients and their safety and are incredibly costly,” he said.
Implementing a system where everyone has their own personal electronic medical record will protect patients, improve care and reduce cost, he said.
Bush acknowledged that patient privacy is a concern and a top priority