Seventeen Computer Scientists File Amicus in Grokster

A group of seventeen computer scientists yesterday filed an amicus brief (pdf) in the MGM v. Grokster case before the Supreme Court, “to call to the Court’s attention several computer science issues raised by Petitioners [i.e., the movie and music companies] and amici who filed concurrent with Petitioners, and to correct certain of their technical assertions.” If you’re not familiar with the case or the potential impact it may have on anyone who creates technology, there’s an interesting summary and some thoughts about what Congress might do as a result at the 463 Communications blog.
Ed Felten, one of the 17 amici (along with CRA board members Gene Spafford and Jennifer Rexford), has a summary of the arguments in the compsci professor’s brief over at Freedom to Tinker, and a series of good posts on the case.
USACM has been tracking the issue as well.
Update: USACM joined an amicus brief with sixty law professors in support of Grokster. Cameron Wilson has the details.

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