CRA Welcomes New Fellow

As you may have noted from the post below, there’s a new face at CRA World HQ. For the first year, CRA is participating in the Tisdale Fellowship Program, which has been bringing college students to Washington, D.C. for internships that explore current public policy issues of critical importance to the high technology sector of the economy. Other participants in the program include HP, Agilent, Dell, CSPP, BSA and Infotech.
CRA’s fellow is Daniel Rothschild, who received his Master of Public Policy this May from the University of Michigan. Dan’s interests are in the interactions between technology and society — in particular, regulatory issues, federal funding of research activities, and information and network economics. You’ll see his (hopefully frequent) contributions to the blog — like today’s post on Commerce’s proposed changes to the deemed export regulations — throughout the summer as he serves his time chained to the CRA intern desk.