CRA Appoints Interim Computing Community Consortium Council

From CRA Executive Director Andy Bernat:

We are pleased to announce that the following individuals have agreed to serve on the interim CCC Council. The interim Council will begin immediately to implement the activities envisioned in the CCC proposal (see or the November 2006 Computing Research News).
Greg Andrews, Arizona
Bill Feiereisen, LANL
Susan Graham, California-Berkeley
Jessica Hodgins, CMU
John Hollerbach, Utah
Daniel Jackson, MIT
Anita Jones, Virginia
Dick Karp, California-Berkeley
Ken Kennedy, Rice
John King, Michigan
Peter Kogge, Notre Dame
Ed Lazowska, Washington
Ran Liebskind-Hadas, HMC
Dan Ling, Microsoft
Dan Reed, UNC
Frances Sullivan, IDA
David Tennenhouse, A9
Ellen Zegura, Georgia Tech
We are currently constituting a Nominating Committee to generate potential appointees to the more permanent (rotating three-year terms) CCC Council and Chair. Our intent is to move quickly towards appointing this group.

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