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“This is going to be an austere budget”

President Bush will apparently ask for an increase of just 1 percent overall in non-defense, non-homeland security related discretionary spending for FY 2005. The Washington Times has the details. Because some programs, like the Administration’s education initiatives, will be slated for increases over 1 percent, other programs will likely receive cuts. Whispers around DC suggest […]

Omnibus Approps Still Stalled

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist warned today that failure to pass the long-delayed $328 billion omnibus FY 2004 appropriations bill will cut off millions in funding for new projects. Here’s coverage in the Washington Post. Failure to pass the legislation would force Congress to pass a “continuing resolution,” Frist says, which would freeze funding for […]

President Announces Missions to Moon and Mars

President Bush wants Americans back to the moon “no later than 2020” and to Mars a decade later, and he’s going to request an increase of $1 billion (or 5 percent) to the NASA budget to make it so. Here’s the official release from the White House. The total in funding will be $12 billion […]