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NPR Discusses Decline in CompSci Enrollments

More media coverage of CRA’s Taulbee Survey results that show a 23 percent decrease in undergraduate computer science majors in 2003. This time it’s a piece on NPR’s Morning Edition. You’ll need Real Player or Windows Media Player to listen. Other stories on the subject are linked here.

GrepLaw Interview With Spaf

GrepLaw, run by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, has an interview with CRA board member Gene Spafford (“Spaf”), on what it’s like to testify before Congress, the current spate of virus and worm attacks, his favorite operating systems, and his suggested reading list for “geeky legal types who want to become […]

Dan Geer in AP

CRA Grand Challenges in Information Security and Assurance participant Dan Geer is the subject of an Associated Press piece today on his concerns about a software “monoculture.” Yahoo! News – Experts Warn of Microsoft ‘Monoculture’

More on Colwell

The Chronicle for Higher Ed reports that NSF Director Rita Colwell will announce her resignation today and that Arden Bement, current director of NIST, will take over NSF on a temporary basis beginning Feb 21. Here’s the scoop: The Chronicle: Daily news: 02/11/2004 — 02 I’m headed to the Science Committee budget hearing today, so […]

Study of Visas and Students

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ENROLLMENT GROWTH SLOWS IN 2002/2003, LARGE GAINS FROM LEADING COUNTRIES OFFSET NUMEROUS DECREASES –India Remains The Top Sending Country- — IIE Online Survey Suggests Visa Application Process and Sluggish Global Economy Are Affecting Fall 2003 Enrollments — After five years of steady growth, the number of international students attending colleges and universities in […]