Assistant Professor of Data Science

Brown University
Data Science Initiative

The Data Science Initiative (DSI, at Brown University seeks applications for an Assistant Professor. Successful candidates will have a joint appointment with a partnering department and space for themselves and trainees in DSI, with the partnering department as their tenure home.

We welcome applicants working on a range of areas in data science, including but not limited to mathematical foundations, methods development, and trans-disciplinary epistemologies. There are also many opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative research across a range of disciplines.

An expanding interest of DSI is supporting research on the role of data science (and technology) in shaping equitable outcomes and furthering justice. Among the priorities of DSI is enhancing the development and novel application of data science approaches, methods, and tools to a wide range of disciplines. Current faculty in DSI have joint appointments in Brown University’s Departments of Biostatistics, Computer Science, and Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences.

For more information and to apply, please see our post in Interfolio.