Vst Research Software Development Engineer/Senior Research Software Development Engineer

University of Illinois - Chicago
Discovery Partners Institute

Vst Research Software Development Engineer/Senior Research Software Development Engineer
Discovery Partners Institute

The Discovery Partners Institute provides a platform for people to jumpstart their tech careers or companies in Chicago. Led by the University of Illinois System in partnership with local and global research universities, DPI does three things: train people for high-demand tech jobs, conduct applied R&D, and build businesses to grow Chicago’s tech ecosystem.  With state investment and a new urban innovation district in development just south of the Chicago Loop, DPI has the resources to attract, develop and leverage the most driven people and companies the region has to offer and keep them here.

DPI invites nominations and applications for the position of (Sr.) Research Software Development Engineer. This position offers an extraordinary opportunity for versed engineers to build technology-based products and services. The (Sr.) Research Software Development Engineer will work closely with the system architect, other members of the cross-functional & cross-organizational teams, and external researchers/industry partners to create best-in-class scalable technology-based platforms and services, and solutions.

For a complete list of position responsibilities and requirements, please visit: https://apptrkr.com/4775463

Additional responsibilities included:
• Provide technology based objective thinking through experience and knowledge in the latest platforms, and software infrastructure (including cloud-based) applications and services to support ongoing and new projects by gathering and analyzing software requirements and investigating optimal solutions.
• Collaborate with a cross-functional team of stakeholders, software developers, and architects to design, implement, and test the solutions. Connect the dots between project needs, innovation, and good design.
• Document and conduct testing to evaluate software robustness, identify bugs and defects, and verify requirements gaps. Provides basic system administration support (e.g., keeping applications, operating system, and security settings up to date, ensuring regular data backups, etc.) for LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) servers.
• Write detailed supporting documentation including software requirements specification, system architecture specification, operational requirements specification, and user interface specification.


Vst Software Engineer Level:
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering with 1-3 years of industry experience or an advanced degree with at least one year of industry experience.

Knowledge and Experience:

Software Engineer Level Qualifications
• Solid Computer Science foundation in data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming (OOP), and modern software engineering practices
•Demonstrated proficiency with Python, C++, Java, Matlab, HTML/CSS, jQuery, or other programming languages
•Experience working with REST APIs
•Demonstrated experience debugging and testing software systems
•Strong verbal and written communication skills
•Excellent problem-solving and multi-tasking skills

•Master’s Degree in computer science or engineering
•Three plus years of industry experience
•Experience working with open-source applications and frameworks
•Experience with agile software development
•Experience with version control systems (GIT, P4, ClearCase, etc.), bug tracking systems (Jira, Bugzilla, GitHub, etc.)
•Experience with cloud computing or other distributed programming environments
•Experience with database programming
•Experience working with machine learning algorithms to solve classification and clustering problems, perform information retrieval from unstructured and semi-structured data, and build supervised and semi-supervised learning solutions
•Experience with big data and analytics