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ACM Athena Lecturer Award Accepting Nominations

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The ACM Athena Lecturer Award celebrates female researchers who have made fundamental contributions to computer science. Each year ACM honors a preeminent female computer scientist as the Athena Lecturer. The recipient gives an invited talk at a major ACM conference of her choice. A video of the talk is made available on the ACM website. The award carries a cash prize of $25,000. Financial support for the Athena Lecturer Award is provided by Google.

Two CCC council members have received the award in recent years: Jennifer Rexford of Princeton University (2016) and Katherine Yelick of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2013). Additionally, CRA-W board member Mary Jane Irwin of Penn State University (2010) also received the award. To date, 11 awards have been given:

This year, the Athena Lecture Award moves from being an ACM-W award to being an ACM award, operating under the guidelines and structure of other ACM Awards.  Most importantly, the nomination deadline is now November 30 and nominations must be submitted through the standard online nominating form for all ACM awards. Click here to submit a nomination.