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Assessing the Community’s Interest on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PET)


By Helen Wright, CRA-I Senior Program Associate

As our world becomes increasingly connected and digital, concerns about data privacy and security are growing. Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PET) are tools and methods designed to protect personal information and enhance user privacy online. Most companies end up using a combination of different PET to ensure that their data remains private and secure.

The Computing Research Association- Industry (CRA-I) committee is interested in hearing from YOU on this topic. Please fill out this survey here and let us know if you would be interested in a roundtable discussion on this topic. 

As technology continues to evolve, it is important that the computing research community, industry in particular, talks about the latest privacy enhancing tools and methods to stay ahead of potential threats to our online privacy. CRA-I is hopeful that we could generate a discussion with a broad community representation that would have an impact on potential next steps in this field whether that be a workshop that dives into a particular topic or something else.