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CRA is hiring a Deputy Director for the Computing Community Consortium


The Computing Research Association seeks a highly motivated individual to serve as a Deputy Director for the Computing Community Consortium. The Deputy Director works with the CCC Director, Council Members, and the CRA staff to ensure that the CCC succeeds in its mission: to serve as a catalyst and enabler for the computing research community, to provide mechanisms for the community to identify compelling research visions for the future of the field and to articulate those visions to key stakeholders.

The Deputy Director provides backup to the Director in order to ensure that the CCC functions smoothly and effectively, and meets all of its contractual requirements in a timely and high-quality fashion.

This position receives direct supervision from the CCC Director while working primarily with the CCC Council Chair, Vice-Chair, Executive Committee, and Council. An ability to work independently and with significant autonomy is necessary. Innovation, imagination, organization, maturity, and judgment are vital to this position. The Deputy Director must be able to operate under pressure in a busy environment and maintain comprehensive control of a multitude of projects simultaneously while pushing all projects to timely completion and providing continual updates on the status of each project. A strong interest in computing research and its impacts is important. The Deputy Director must be able to fill in for the Director, as needed.

As CCC is a cooperative agreement with NSF, the Deputy Director must understand CCC’s role within NSF and CRA. This requires knowledge of how NSF operates, how it is organized, and the general NSF merit review process; it requires an understanding of CRA’s many activities and committees and its place in the computing research community. It is critical to understand how the scientific community works in order to be able to convey the correct information to the community on upcoming proposals, webinars, and other opportunities.

Tasks (not exhaustive):

  • Work closely with the CCC Director, Council Chair, Vice-Chair, Executive Committee, and Council to carry out CCC directions and priorities.
  • Serve as a liaison between the computing research community and various partners from universities to industry contacts, maintaining connections and relations.
  • Participate in CCC visioning efforts by attending workshops; ensure that outputs are timely and of high quality; help generate reports and publicity.
  • Work to standardize CCC products for easier use by various consumers.
  • Create positive press for the computing research community via blog entries, press releases, articles.
  • Work with consultants to develop and place press items for the community.
  • Work with Council members and universities to set up CCC roundtable discussions.
  • Manage specialized projects.
  • Support regular assessment and evaluation of CCC.
  • Support CRA’s mission by working with appropriate staff on a variety of programs and topics.

This is not a research position but an understanding of research is essential. It is a position working with and supporting the computing research community.

Desired background:

  • Ph.D. in a technical area
  • Experience working with the computing research community
  • Research experience in a technical discipline (computing preferred)
  • Experience working with high-level, non-technical people.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrated organizational and inter-personal skills

To submit an application for the position, please send a cover letter and resume to Applications will be reviewed beginning October 3, 2018.