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CRA Surveys, Fall 2017

In fall 2017, CRA will be conducting the usual Taulbee Survey and a one-time Teaching Faculty Survey.

Taulbee Survey

The 2017 CRA Taulbee Survey will be starting soon. As has been our recent practice, the survey will be split into two parts, salary and main (everything else). This allows us to set an earlier deadline for the salary section in order to produce a preliminary salary report in December, while giving departments more time to collect and enter the information in the rest of the survey if needed.

The schedule will be as follows.

  • By September 8: All doctoral departments will be contacted to update Taulbee user information. The academic unit head will receive an email and so will the Taulbee primary contact, if separate.
  • September 13: PDF will be available for data gathering.
  • September 19: Salary section opens for input.
  • September 25: Main section opens for input.
  • November 20: Due date for salary section.
  • December 18: Preliminary salary report available to participants.
  • January 8, 2018: Due date for the main Taulbee section.
  • April 2018: Full Taulbee report to CRA members and participating departments.
  • May 2018: Published in CRN.

If you have any questions, contact Betsy Bizot at

Teaching Faculty Survey – Academic Units

The CRA Teaching Faculty Committee will be collecting information in fall 2017 in two ways. First, we will ask departments for the details of policies and expectations governing the work of their non-tenure-track teaching faculty via a separate Teaching Faculty Survey. This survey will be available sometime in October and will use the same online system and accounts that are used for the Taulbee Survey. Academic unit heads and Taulbee primary contacts will receive more information at that time.

Teaching Faculty Information – Teaching Faculty Members

We also want to collect information directly from teaching faculty themselves. This is being managed by a SIGCSE group that has been discussing the issues of teaching faculty at research institutions for several years. They are currently finalizing the spreadsheet that will be used to collect the information. Teaching faculty members who would like to follow this group and be notified when the spreadsheet is ready for use can join their Piazza group at with access code teach.