Deb Agarwal

Dr. Deborah Agarwal is the Scientific Data Division Head and a Senior Scientist (, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ( The Scientific Data Division fosters breakthrough discoveries through the application and development of novel data science methods, technologies, and infrastructures in partnership with science domain experts. Dr. Agarwal’s current research focuses on developing computational tools to enable scientists to more effectively use their data to understand and mitigate climate change. She has worked on projects involving watershed understanding, tropical forests, soil carbon, carbon capture, cosmology, particle accelerators, and satellite data. Dr. Agarwal earned her BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Her MS and PhD are from University of California, Santa Barbara in Computer Engineering. Dr. Agarwal’s career has taken her around the world including spending time consulting at the United Nations in Vienna, travel around the world, and a year working in Rennes, France on sabbatical at Inria. Dr. Agarwal is committed to increasing diversity of computing and is involved in organizing mentoring programs to help underrepresented groups succeed. Her hobbies include night photography, sailboat racing, kayaking, swimming, crossword puzzles, and gardening.