RECOGnizing Notable Women in Computing

CRA-WP launched RECOG to study the recognition and visibility of women in different sub-disciplines of computing.

The goal of this project is to encourage computing specific disciplines to recognize their accomplished women through plenary talks and awards.  RECOG is working to address the following questions:
  • Are women less likely to serve in prestigious speaking roles in a given computing sub-discipline?
  • Is the ratio of women serving in prominent service roles (general/program chair and professional society leadership positions) similar to the ratio one would expect in a given sub-discipline?
  • Are women equitably recognized with key technical awards (such as ACM Fellow), which are quite visible within a given sub-discipline of computing?

A CRA-WP Discipline Advocates committee is being formed, in order to assist CRA-WP in understanding the status of recognizing women in different disciplines. The CRA-WP Discipline Advocates committee will be posted on this page soon.

In addition to understanding the status of recognizing women in different disciplines, CRA-WP is working with and others to invite female paper winners at ACM/IEEE conferences to present their tech talks at the Grace Hopper Celebration.  Specifically, we are organizing a special session at the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing with female speakers who won best paper awards at 2017 ACM conferences.  The goal of this session is to highlight our accomplished junior female researchers and inspire more young women to pursue research. The speakers invited to present in this special session will be provided travel funding from ACM and free registration from