Guidelines for Expense Reimbursements from CRA

We ask participants traveling at CRA’s expense to please do so as economically as is reasonable and follow these guidelines. CRA can reimburse only necessary and reasonable expenses. These typically include economy airfare, ground transportation, and meals while traveling. This also includes reasonable expense for meals. Use the federal per diem as a guideline to “reasonable.”

Consider the following restrictions when making your arrangements:

  • Any foreign travel must be approved in advance. Please contact Alejandra Guzman with any questions regarding foreign travel. You must attach approval to your CRA Expense Reimbursement Form.
    • If approved for foreign travel, you must generally use only US flag- flying carriers.
  • Car rentals are not allowed unless pre-approved for unique circumstances. Please contact Alejandra Guzman with any questions regarding car rentals. You must attach approval to your CRA Expense Reimbursement Form.
  • Meals provided by the conference/meeting/workshop will not be reimbursed.
  • Personal items will not be reimbursed.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.
  • Combined travel – If you combine CRA travel with other professional or personal activities, only the portion directly related to CRA may be claimed for reimbursement. If the extension increases your airfare, you will not be reimbursed for the additional amount.
    • IMPORTANT: When you submit your expenses (after you successfully participate in the CRA program), you must include a comparable quote showing what the fare would have been if you had not extended your stay, as well as your actual airfare receipt.
    • Please find a comparable itinerary at the same time as you are booking your ‘extended’ travel and take a screenshot. You will submit both as part of your reimbursement after you successfully attend the workshop.

Completing the CRA Expense Reimbursement Form:

  • You may find the CRA Expense Reimbursement Form here.
  • Fill in your name and provide the address where you want the check to be sent.
  • Indicate where you traveled and for what purpose.
  • List all daily expenses in the appropriate columns.
  • List all expenses in US dollars. If you incurred expenses in a currency other than US, use the appropriate exchange rate to make the conversion.
  • Sign the CRA Expense Reimbursement Form.
  • Save the CRA Expense Reimbursement Form and all receipts in one PDF.
    • Please be sure to include receipts for all expenses exceeding $25.00 (scanned copies are fine).
  • Do NOT fill out the Account number, this is for CRA Purposes only.

*Use to combine all your receipts and reimbursement form into 1 pdf if your file is too large to send by email.

Submitting the CRA Expense Reimbursement form:

You may not submit your expense reimbursement form until after the event has concluded. Please submit your CRA Expense Reimbursement Form within 10 business days following the activity.

E-mail the form/receipts in ONE PDF to, (and copy unless otherwise specified by the reimbursment form instructions.)