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“Expanding the Pipeline” is a regular column in Computing Research News (CRN). The column serves both as a vehicle for describing projects and issues related to women and underrepresented groups in CS/CSE.

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  • Expanding Career Pipelines by Unhiding the Hidden Curriculum of University Computing Majors February 1, 2024
    by Philip Guo, Associate Professor of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego Everyone who attends college learns a formal curriculum by taking classes, but there is also a hidden curriculum just beneath the surface of their college experience. This hidden curriculum consists of the “unspoken lessons, norms, values, and perspectives that impact learning and academic performance. […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: “Regular” CS x Inclusive Design October 2, 2023
    By Rosalinda Garcia (Oregon State University), Margaret Burnett (Oregon State University), and Patricia Morreale (Kean University)  What happens if CS faculty teach inclusive design skills throughout core undergraduate CS courses? What might the outcomes of an integrated contiguous experience be? Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), we have developed a new broadening participation in […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: The CRA-WP 2023 IDEALS Workshop May 1, 2023
    The CRA-WP 2023 Grad Cohort Workshop for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Leadership Skills (IDEALS) was held in Honolulu, Hawaii March 23-25.  The workshop is part of an effort to widen the participation, access, opportunities, and experience of individuals in computing research by building and mentoring nationwide communities throughout their graduate studies. The workshop has […]
  • Expanding the Research Pipeline – An update on Scaling the Early Research Scholars Program March 1, 2023
    The Early Research Scholars Program (ERSP), founded by Christine Alvarado in the Computer Science Department at UC San Diego (UCSD), provides authentic research experiences to early undergraduates over one academic year. Since its inception in 2014, the program has transformed the landscape of undergraduate research at UC San Diego by significantly broadening access to research […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Roadmap of CISE’s Efforts to Broaden Participation in Computing Through the Years February 1, 2023
    This article presents the progress made in Broadening Participation in Computing and calls upon the entire computing community to take on the important goal of addressing underrepresentation in computing disciplines. The post Expanding the Pipeline: Roadmap of CISE’s Efforts to Broaden Participation in Computing Through the Years appeared first on CRN.
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Distributed REsearch Apprenticeships for Master’s (DREAM) October 1, 2022
    The Distributed REsearch Apprenticeships for Master’s (DREAM) is a pilot NSF program being offered by a nationwide consortium of colleges and universities that have created “bridge to MS in CS” programs for students with non-CS bachelor’s degrees.  Schools in the MSCS Pathways to Computing Consortium provide a new pathway for people who studied something other […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Addressing the distribution of prior experience in CS1 June 2, 2022
    Imagine you walk into Japanese 101 and on the first day the professor asks, “Has anyone taken Japanese before?” and everyone raises their hand but you and a handful of other students. Imagine then that your classmates not only raise their hands but respond to the professor in Japanese!  At age 18, I would have […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: The Context, Importance, and Experience of Writing Departmental BPC Plans May 1, 2022
    Efforts to increase participation from minoritized communities has been going on in earnest for over a decade. Unfortunately, we have yet to expand the group of faculty and staff engaged in these activities and have only made a marginal difference in who is studying computing. This article discusses BPC Plans as an attempt to supplement […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: The SIGCSE 2022 Technical Symposium April 1, 2022
    The SIGCSE 2022 Technical Symposium was a hybrid event with both virtual and in-person participation in Providence, Rhode Island March 2-5. Across the three conference tracks of Computing Education Research, Experience Reports and Tools, and Position and Curricula Initiatives, there were 144 accepted papers. Additionally, there were 15 panels, 9 special sessions, 24 workshops, 15 […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: The Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology and Experiences (CREATE) March 2, 2022
    In an era of rapidly evolving technology and increasing interconnectedness, full participation in society depends on the successful use of technology. Thus, to ensure equity and participation for people with disabilities, technology must be accessible—we must create and adapt interactive systems to improve access to technology and to the world at large. The University of […]

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