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“Expanding the Pipeline” is a regular column in Computing Research News (CRN). The column serves both as a vehicle for describing projects and issues related to women and underrepresented groups in CS/CSE.

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  • Expanding the Pipeline: The SIGCSE 2022 Technical Symposium April 1, 2022
    The SIGCSE 2022 Technical Symposium was a hybrid event with both virtual and in-person participation in Providence, Rhode Island March 2-5. Across the three conference tracks of Computing Education Research, Experience Reports and Tools, and Position and Curricula Initiatives, there were 144 accepted papers. Additionally, there were 15 panels, 9 special sessions, 24 workshops, 15 […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: The Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology and Experiences (CREATE) March 2, 2022
    In an era of rapidly evolving technology and increasing interconnectedness, full participation in society depends on the successful use of technology. Thus, to ensure equity and participation for people with disabilities, technology must be accessible—we must create and adapt interactive systems to improve access to technology and to the world at large. The University of […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Design to Disrupt – Making Space for Every Student in CS February 2, 2022
    In 2011, my team of six instructors led a yearlong CS course for 120 Black/Latinx middle-school students in Washington, DC. After first-day introductions, we asked them to name a computer scientist. Despite six Black men/women in front of them, we heard only three names: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. It was then that […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Recruiting and Retaining Computing Students through Research Experiences for Undergraduates January 1, 2022
    As efforts to broaden computing have become more diverse, inclusive, and just, despite increasing enrollments in computer science, the percentages of historically excluded students have not changed much and many institutions are struggling to retain them. Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) are designed to introduce undergraduate students to research and present active training opportunities that […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Celebrating 10 years of the CRA Data Buddies Project September 1, 2021
    The Data Buddies Project has been running strong since 2010. This article dives into some of the history of the Data Buddies Project and CERP while also highlighting the project over the years. The article concludes with a look into how the project operates today. The post Expanding the Pipeline: Celebrating 10 years of the […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: CRA-WP Holds Virtual Grad Cohort Workshop for Women June 2, 2021
    On April 23-24, CRA-WP was thrilled to hold the 2021Grad Cohort Workshop for Women after canceling the previous year’s event because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Grad Cohort for Women 2021 was quite different than previous Grad Cohorts as it was held virtually using the Socio event platform. The workshop still consisted of advice panels by […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: Gaining Momentum through Research on Diversity in Undergraduate Computing April 2, 2021
    Five years ago, we wrote in this column about the research our team was initiating on the BRAID (Building Recruiting and Inclusion for Diversity) initiative, a coordinated effort among 15 universities to increase representation among women and Students of Color in their undergraduate computing programs. Over these past five years, the BRAID institutions have indeed […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline – Minding the Gaps in the CS Pipeline: The MSCS Degree February 1, 2021
    Education presents a complex and confusing landscape. The traditional view of a CS education pipeline flowing from elementary through secondary, postsecondary, and graduate education is an oversimplification – one that may hinder our efforts to diversify computing. This simplification encourages a focus on educational efforts based on retention across stages and the traditional transitions between […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline: The Status of Persons with Disabilities in the Computer Science Pipeline November 1, 2020
    For the past fifteen years, I have led the NSF-funded broadening participation alliance AccessComputing that has the goal of increasing the participation and success of people with disabilities in computing fields. This has given me and my team the ability to help create positive change and to observe what others have done to do the […]
  • Expanding the Pipeline – CAHSI introduces National Virtual Research Experience for Undergraduates October 1, 2020
    To identify and broadly engage the next generation of computer science researchers, the Computing Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institutions (CAHSI), an NSF INCLUDES Alliance, piloted a national virtual Research Experience for Undergraduates (vREU) during the summer of 2020.  Funded by an NSF RAPID grant, the pilot provided undergraduate research experiences for 50 students and 20 […]

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