Sponsor CRA-WP

The Computing Research Association’s Committee on Widening Participation in Computing Research (CRA-WP) is an action-oriented organization that provides mentoring and support for underrepresented groups at all levels of the research and education pipeline.

Our mission: To increase the success and participation of women, underreperesented minorities, and persons with disabilities in computing research and education at all levels.

Help us realize this goal: Become an industry or institutional sponsor! Contact Erik Russell at gradcohortsponsorship@cra.org

Every stakeholder that is basing their future on technical innovation in Computer Science & Engineering should be CRA-WP’s partner in achieving our goal of increasing the number of underrepresented groups entering and contributing to computing research. To effect true change in the diversity of the research community, we need sustained funding for on-going, long-term programs that have been proven to work and that will benefit from wide-scale name recognition and community support. You will be partnering with an award-winning organization with a track record of success.

CRA-WP is seeking support from corporate and foundation sponsors to share in pursuing our mission. Your support can help fund specific programs as well as individual student scholarships. Participation of employees of our sponsors at career mentoring events is encouraged, either for their own career development or as mentors for students. Benefits include visibility for your organization to our CRA-WP community members. All sponsors are acknowledged on our website by displaying the company’s logo. Additional means of communication with our community depend on level of support.