Programs For Graduate Students

Are you interested In Graduate School? Most universities pay computer science Ph.D. students.

Enhance Your Graduate School Experience

  • Grad Cohort for Women: Join hundreds of women in learning to navigate through graduate school.
  • Grad Cohort for IDEALS: Join a community of peers with similar interests and experiences, learning how to thrive in graduate school.
  • CS Grad4US Fellowship: Return to academia and pursue a research-based doctoral degree with the support of NSF.
  • Career Mentoring Workshop: Learn how to thrive during your early years after graduate school.
  • Mentoring Tracks at GHC: Attending Grace Hopper? Check out the tracks hosted by CRA-WP.
  • SWSIS: Find out more about scholarships for women studying information security.

How You Can Help Others

Learn how to be a great mentor.

Create a better environment in your research group.

Learn how you can volunteer with us.

Additional Information

Review scholarships and awards.

Find out more about programs for faculty and for researchers in industry and government.

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