Rumor Mill Buzzing About New NSF Director

The DC rumor mill (well, the science community subset) is buzzing about an Administration announcement tomorrow of a new NSF Director nominee to replace Acting Director Arden Bement. Bement has been “Acting” director since Rita Colwell resigned the post in February, but current law apparently precludes anyone from serving as an “Acting” director for more than 210 days (a term that would on Sept 19th). The rumor suggests that the Administration will name someone other than Bement to take the position, but it’s a toss-up as to who that will be.
More details as they emerge….
Update (12:30, 9/15/04): Looks like it’s Bement. No official announcement yet, though.
Another Update: Here’s the e-mail Bement sent NSF employees today:

O/D 03-07 September 15, 2004
SUBJECT: Nomination for the Director of the National Science Foundation
The President today announced my nomination to be the next Director of NSF. This is an extraordinary and inspiring honor for me — and one that I feel very humble in accepting.
The Foundation has a rich history of strong and independent Directors, and I look forward to continuing with that tradition. Most important to our success, however, are you — the staff of NSF. I have come to appreciate your strong qualities and dedication that provide the underpinnings for NSF’s organizational excellence. As many of you already know, the Foundation’s mission and our accomplishments are critical to the Nation’s well being. Without your help and dedication, none of NSF’s goals or objectives can be met. I appreciate your support.
Although NSF faces significant challenges in the near future due to Federal budget issues, I am committed to the policies and operations that have stood the test of time and have helped make NSF an extraordinary agency. I look forward to working with Dr. Bordogna and all of you in continuing the outstanding manner in which NSF leads the nation. Our pursuit of research and education at the frontiers of science and engineering, our commitment to broadening participation both within and without the Foundation, and our desire to ensure that we have the resources to carry out this vision will be among my top priorities.
During the upcoming months I will continue as Acting Director while my nomination is pending. I will continue to devote my energies to moving the Foundation forward. I thank you in advance for working with me and look forward to meeting many more of you personally in the days ahead.
Arden L. Bement, Jr.
Acting Director
Distribution: All employees