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With Passage of SSJC Appropriations, House Votes to Fully Fund ACI

The House today approved increasing funding for two key science agencies called out for increases in the President’s American Competitiveness Initiative last February. The House passed the FY 2007 Science, State, Justice, Commerce Appropriation bill by a large margin (393-23), approving an increase of nearly 8 percent to the budget of the National Science Foundation […]

Good Allocation for Science from Senate Appropriations

The Senate Appropriations Committee released its FY07 subcommittee allocations and there was some good news for the Commerce, Justice and Science subcommittee. The subcommittee can give a decent bump to NSF and NIST with the $51 billion allocated. The allocation is slightly more than the $49.633 billion the President requested and 3.2% above FY06. However […]

Computing Leaders Praise House Appropriatiors for Innovation Funding

Reacting to yesterday’s good news, CRA and ACM’s U.S. Public Policy Committee issued a joint statement yesterday thanking Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) and his colleagues for their efforts. Here’s the full text: June 15, 2006 COMPUTING COMMUNITY LEADERS PRAISE HOUSE APPROPRIATORS FOR INCREASING RESEARCH FUNDING TO AID COMPETITIVENESS Washington, DC — Leaders of the Computing […]

NSF and NIST Appropriations Numbers Released

The first numbers from the House Science, State, Justice, Commerce appropriations subcommittee are out and it appears Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) made good on his promise to “take care of” the ACI-targeted agencies within “his” bill. From the committee’s press release, just sent out: National Science Foundation receives $6 billion, the full amount requested as […]

First Appropriations Numbers for ACI

The first appropriations numbers for elements of the President’s American Competitiveness Initiative are starting to percolate out, and they’re good. The House Energy and Water Appropriations subcommittee marked up their FY07 E&W Approps bill today, which contains funding for Department of Energy’s Office of Science. The appropriators have included the full funding requested by the […]

Sen. Sununu on Competitiveness and R&D

Sen. John Sununu (R-NH), known as one of the biggest budget hawks on the Hill (in fact, he’s the highest ranked “taxpayers’ friend” in the Senate, according to the National Taxpayers Union) has his take on the current push for competitiveness legislation in today’s Washington Times. While it’s not surprising that he sees lots of […]

Budget Update: Really Wonky, But Some Good News at the End

The Congressional Budget Resolution — the first real step in the annual appropriations process — has not gotten off to the smoothest of starts. The budget resolution is Congress’ response to the President’s budget request and, if passed, would set the total level of discretionary spending the appropriators would have to hand out over the […]

House Republicans Ignore R&D in Innovation and Competitiveness Bill

Demonstrating how much work remains to be done with the House Republican leadership, the House Republican “High-tech Task Force” led by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) today introduced its “Innovation and Competitiveness Act,” which wholly ignores the central recommendation of the President’s American Competitiveness Initiative, two bi-partisan bills in the Senate, the National Academies “Gathering Storm” […]

ACI: Details of the NSF, DARPA and DOE Office of Science FY07 Requests

As promised, we’ve got some further detail on the individual agency budget requests for FY 2007 and what those requests might mean for computing research. But before diving into that, I thought I’d point out that the FY 2007 NITRD Budget Supplement produced by the NITRD National Coordinating Office is now available in a pre-print […]

President’s Budget: NSF

NSF has released its budget as well. Rather than reproduce it, here’s the NSF-produced summary table (pdf). Key points: NSF overall, up $439 million (7.9 percent); Computer and Information Science and Engineering up $30.3 million (6.1 percent); Office of Cyberinfrastructure up $55.3 million (43.5 percent); Education and Human Resources up $20 million (2.5 percent). I’ll […]