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CRA Urges Senate Commerce Task Force to Support Robust, Stable Investments in Research

CRA today filed comments with Senators Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Gary Peters (D-MI) urging the senators to put a priority on ensuring that fundamental research in the physical sciences, including computing, sees strong and sustainable growth as the senators work to build bipartisan consensus around a reauthorization of a key science policy bill.  The senators […]

America COMPETES Reauthorization on Floor Today

The House of Representatives today will consider the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2015 (H.R. 1806), a bill designed to set policy at three key science agencies and authorize funding for the next two fiscal years. The bill is being brought to the floor by House Science, Space and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX), who secured […]

House Science Holds R&D Competitiveness Hearing

The House Science, Space, and Technology Committee held the first full committee hearing of the 113th Congress yesterday and it was focused on research and development for competitiveness. President and CEO of Texas Instruments Richard Templeton, PCAST member and RPI president Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, and National Academy of Engineering president Dr. Charles Vest testified […]

Competitiveness and Innovative Capacity of the United States Report Released

The Department of Commerce and National Economic Council today released a new report on “The Competitiveness and Innovation Capacity of the United States” at an event featuring Secretary of Commerce John Bryson followed by a panel of speakers and small group breakout sessions. The report was a Congressional mandate in the COMPETES reauthorization last year. […]

Computing R&D in the President’s Budget Request

CRA annually contributes a chapter to the AAAS R&D Budget book. Our chapter, which is below, focuses on the policy issues surrounding computing and the NITRD budget cross-cut. The entire book is available at AAAS R&D site next week. HIGHLIGHTS Funding for the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) program would increase 1.9 […]

FY 09 Omnibus Details: Further Increases for Science

The House has passed and the Senate is now considering omnibus legislation that would enact the unfinished FY 2009 appropriations bills Congress ought to have passed last September (but elected to punt). Included in the omnibus are appropriations for a number of key science agencies — appropriations that contain some significant increases for those agencies […]

Initial Stimulus Summary Released

The House Democratic leadership has released an official stimulus summary and it looks great. It includes $10 billion in new spending for science, including $3 billion in new money for NSF — “including $2 billion for expanding employment opportunities in fundamental science and engineering to meet environmental challenges and to improve global economic competitiveness, $400 […]

Science Magazine Editorial by Wen Jibao

Science Magazine recently published an editorial by Wen Jibao, (sub. req’d.) Premier of China’s State Council on China’s science and technology initiatives. We’ve been saying here for years that China is very serious about becoming a world leader in science and technology. The editorial states “China is now engaged in a modernization drive unprecedented in […]

Computerworld Articles on US Innovation, Technology, and the Next President

Computerworld has published a great couple of articles this week regarding the next Administration, technology, and US innovation. They feature a number of folks well-known in the CS community and are definitely worth checking out. US Innovation: On the Skids Dear Mr. President: Let’s Talk Tech