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Amplifying Resources for Inclusiveness in Computing: NCWIT Conversations for Change Webinar Tomorrow

Join NCWIT tomorrow, November 5 at 3:30 PM ET for the NCWIT Conversations for Change series featuring Dr. Nicki Washington. Click here to register.

NCWIT Conversations for Change: My Work is My Protest
Numerous events of 2020 have placed a national spotlight on the inequities and inequalities that are present in K-16 education and society at large. In this conversation, Dr. Nicki Washington discusses how her personal journey in computing influenced her research on identity in computing, including the development of her “Race, Gender, Class, and Computing” course and why “teaching is political.”
Dr. Nicki Washington is a Professor of the Practice of Computer Science at Duke University and the author of “Unapologetically Dope: Lessons for Black Women and Girls on Surviving and Thriving in the Tech Field.” Her career in higher education began at Howard University as the first Black female faculty member in the Department of Computer Science. Her professional experience also includes Winthrop University, The Aerospace Corporation, and IBM. Dr. Washington’s work in K-12 education has directly impacted approximately 10 million students and thousands of educators. At the undergraduate and industry levels, Dr. Washington’s efforts to recruit and retain students and graduates of color include creating and implementing the first Googler-in-Residence program at Howard University. Her current work focuses on addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion issues in the tech industry by measuring and improving the cultural competence of students in computing departments nationwide.
About NCWIT Conversations for Change: an online thought leadership series
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