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Call for White Papers: Mid-cycle Robotics Roadmap Update

This post was originally published in the CCC Blog by Maddy Hunter.

Through support from the Computing Community Consortium (CCC), the US National Robotics Roadmap was first created thirteen years ago by a group of 120 people from industry and academia. It has since been used by government agencies, universities and companies as a reference and call to action from the robotics community. The first roadmap was published in 2009, then revised in 2013, 2016, and 2020

Our objective is to develop a short mid-cycle update, identifying gaps that are not being addressed in current research, in funding opportunities, at companies, and in the government, which need to be addressed sooner than the next full roadmap update. To meet this objective, we want to engage a broad swath of researchers from academia and industry to ensure that the update is representative of the community’s view of what is needed in robotics research so that national priorities are met. 

We are asking researchers to submit a white paper / position statement, no longer than two pages, that addresses the following: What are the current gaps in robotics research and its ecosystem – and what are potential opportunities to fill those gaps? The white paper can focus on gaps across sectors or within one sector.  

The white paper must include: Name, Title, Affiliation, Email address, Position statement – 2 pages maximum.  Please submit the white paper as a PDF file. White papers over 2 pages will not be included. Position papers that present current research are not appropriate. We are most interested in your ideas, not the format of the paper; if you only have time to provide us with some general notes, we welcome them. None of the submissions will be published as-is.

White papers should be submitted by end of day January 9, 2023 – using the form 

The submitted white papers will be synthesized for the community update. All contributors will be acknowledged and all ideas will be representative of the community, not an individual.  

The nominal timeline is:

  • November 2022 – Call for white papers
  • January 9, 2023 – White papers due
  • January / February 2023  – Synthesis of white papers into mid-cycle report
  • March 2023 – Report published

If you have any questions about the process, the scope, etc please send an email to Henrik I. Christensen – or Holly Yanco –


Call for White Papers: Mid-cycle Robotics Roadmap Update