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CCC Releases White Paper on Fostering Responsible Computing Research

This week, Computing Community Consortium (CCC) released a white paper titled, “Fostering Responsible Computing Research Report Recommendations for Computing Research Institutions: Actionable Steps.” The white paper outlines the conclusions of the National Academies report “Fostering Responsible Computing Research: Foundations and Practices” and presents community-generated ideas about implementing its findings at computing institutions. The paper also details CRA’s recently formed Socially Responsible Computing Working Group, led by co-chairs Ran Libeskind-Hadas and Ellen Zegura.

From the white paper:

Fostering an ecosystem of responsible computing will not be straightforward or easy; rather, it is a seismic shift in current practice of the field of computing research that will require a coordinated, collaborative effort between researchers, sponsors, teachers, and research institutions. The Computing Research Association (CRA) is uniquely positioned to facilitate this kind of effort. Through its recent community-wide strategic planning activity, for example, the CRA has made responsible computing a top priority and formed a new working group that will make recommendations to the CRA Board on areas where computing research is well-positioned to make lasting positive impacts and facilitate progress in those areas. To that end, CRA’s Socially Responsible Computing Working Group will:

  • Review existing research ethics procedures to determine what is already available and identify opportunities and needs for additional resources,
  • Develop and publish best practices for calls for papers and manuscript review, as they pertain to ethical considerations, and
  • Explore opportunities for the computing community to engage with challenges related to Earth’s climate, sustainability, and the environment
CCC Releases White Paper on Fostering Responsible Computing Research