CCC Working Groups

The CCC Council is broken up into various working groups depending on the need from the community. Similar to the CCC Task Forces, each working group is made up of a select group of council members and community experts. While the task forces focus on specific areas of interest, such as intelligent infrastructure, the working groups cover broader areas of interests, like industry relations. The current working groups are listed below.

The Artificial Intelligence working group will lead the CCC’s effort to generate an AI Roadmap. Lead by Yolanda Gil (University of Southern California and President-Elect of AAAI) and Bart Selman (Cornell University), this new effort is in support of the Administrations’ efforts in this area, and will bring together academic and industrial researchers and federal agency representatives to help chart a course for needed research in AI, through a series of workshops in the Fall of 2018, resulting in a Roadmap to be produced in the Spring of 2019.

The Industry Collaboration Working Group will lead the CCC’s effort to find and communicate best practices to industry-academia and public-private partnerships. Informed by the CCC’s 2015 The Future of Computing Research: Industry-Academia Collaborations this working group will establish ties with industry and lead the creation of white papers, workshops, and other content for future collaborations. The focus of the working group for 2018-2019 will be transportation, particularly autonomous vehicles and the requisite intelligent infrastructure.