CCC Task Forces

The CCC Council is broken up into various task forces depending on the need from the community. Each task force, made up of a select group of council members and community experts, focuses on a specific topic area of computing and IT in order to drive innovation and new research visions in the area through white papers, visioning workshops, the blog, and other community resources. The current task forces are listed below; to view previous CCC task forces, visit this webpage.

Current Members: Liz Bradley, Chandra Krintz, Rada Mihalcea, Michela Taufer, and Adam Wierman,  

The Computational Foundations for Sustainability and Climate Resilience will focus on building research communities across disciplines to foster collaboration on computing foundations for sustainability and climate resilience

Current Members: Kevin Butler, David Danks, Ufuk Topcu, and Matthew Turk 

The AUDIT task force will engage in activities at which we will determine how to address technology negative impacts on communities, individuals, and society  

Current Members: David Jensen, Daniel Lopresti, Raj Rajaramen, Bill Regli, Mona Singh and Holly Yanco

The Grand Challenges in Computing Task Force focuses on developing a framework to identify and explore grand challenges in computer science as well as discuss and develop specific questions and issues in the space.

Current Members: Sven Koenig, Dan Rockmore, Julie Shah, Katie Siek and Pam Wisniewski

Task Force Overview: Compiling socio-technical best practices and lessons learned at the intersection of AI+X

Current Members: Bill Gropp, Pete Beckman, Katie Schuman, Brian LaMacchia, and Michelle Strout

Created in Fall 2023, this task force focuses on the full stack of computing. To us, however, the full stack means more than just the front and back-end aspects of application development. Our definition of “Full Stack” encompasses everything that goes into a computer system, from the hardware to the software to the people working on both. We seek to explore ways to optimize and facilitate communication and development both on and between each layer of the full stack.

Current Members: Chandra Krintz, Katie Siek, Brian LaMacchia, Kevin Butler, Matthew Turk, Nadya Bliss, Pamela Wisniewski, Holly Yanco, Julie Shah, Michela Taufer, Bill Regli, Bill Gropp, and Dan Lopresti

Current Members: Chandra Krintz, Brian LaMacchia, Kevin Butler, Matthew Turk, Pamela Wisniewski, Holly Yanco, Julie Shah, Michela Taufer, Bill Regli, Bill Gropp, Dan Lopresti, David Jensen, Adam Wierman, Rajmohan Rajaraman, Mona Singh, Pam Wisniewski and Rada Mihalcea.