CCC Task Forces

The CCC Council is broken up into various task forces depending on the need from the community. Each task force, made up of a select group of council members and community experts, focuses on a specific topic area of computing and IT in order to drive innovation and new research visions in the area through white papers, visioning workshops, the blog, and other community resources. The current task forces are listed below; to view previous CCC task forces, visit this webpage.

NextGen AI

Current Members: Maria Gini, Daniel Lopresti, Sven Koenig, Raj Rajaraman, Matthew Turk and Holly Yanco

The NextGen AI task force focuses on avenues to broaden the impacts of AI by examining and overcoming the limits and pitfalls of the field.

Computing Challenges to Humanity: Climate

Current Members: Sujata Banerjee, Maria Gini, and Holly Yanco

This task force will lead CCC activities related to climate driven extreme events and the opportunities and impact of computing, both as a contributor and a means to attenuate the current situation.   

Socio Technical Resilience

Current Members: Brian LaMacchia, Nadya Bliss, David Jensen, Ufuk Topcu and Pam Wisniewski

This task force will focus on the role of the interplay between technology and humans (from individuals to society) in creating resilient systems. It will investigate three main questions: (i) Resilience of what? (ii) Resilience to what? (iii) Resilience by which means?

Unique Ways to Compute Task Force

Current Members: Sujata Banerjee, Randal Burns, Tom Conte, and Bill Gropp

The Unique Ways to Compute leads activities related to the development of future computing architecture and systems, in order to achieve major goals such as overcoming the end of Moore’s Law and improving high performance computing systems.

Research Ecosystem Working Group

Current Members: Bill Regli

Computational Challenges in Healthcare

Current Members: David Danks, Katie Siek, Mona Singh and Rada Mihalcea