2017 Visioning Activities

Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Workshop 2


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has taken a central role in modern society. Unfortunately, malicious hackers and cybercrime have become a stubborn and expensive part of the ICT landscape. This has made providing cybersecurity a defining challenge for our era. Many strategic plans and National Academies of Sciences (NAS) studies have been written, and billions of dollars have been spent on the development and deployment of innovative cybersecurity solutions, but our network infrastructure, devices and organizations are increasingly insecure against threats.

Cyber Security for Manufacturers Workshop


On March 14-15, 2017 MForesight: The Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight, in collaboration with the Computing Community Consortium (CCC), convened a workshop to address cyber-physical security challenges faced by U.S. manufacturers of all sizes.

Workshop Report

Cyber-Social Learning Systems Workshop 3


Over the last decade, we have made enormous progress establishing scientific and engineering principles for cyber-physical systems (CPS). The next major frontier in science and engineering research and development, is the integration of cyber-physical with human and social systems and phenomena at all scales. Closing the loop from sensing to performance at all scales will give rise to cyber-social learning systems. This is part of a workshop series – view the series page.