Visioning: CCC Research Vision


CCC Research Vision

Computing research at its best does more than react to a quickly changing technological environment; it leads in developing new technologies as well as innovating in the tools and applications of these technologies to best help society.

An Invitation to the Computing Research Community

The Computing Community Consortium encourages members of the computing research community to take advantage of these visioning programs and help set the future direction of computing research:

An Overview on Finding and Advancing Visions in Computer Science & Engineering

A program to support visioning workshops

A program to support special visioning sessions at major conferences


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The Computing Community Consortium’s basic mission is to foster new research directions that excite the research community as well as policy and funding leaders in ways that can make a true impact in the world.

The Computing Community Consortium has established two programs with the goal of creating new research visions and bringing the appropriate research communities together to discuss and shape these visions:

A program to support visioning workshops

The first program, a major effort of the CCC since its inception in 2007, funds a full workshop program to bring members of a community together to create documents, web pages, and other material that explains and promotes the importance of the vision(s). This program has funded several successful visioning exercises including Uncertainty in ComputationBRAIN, and Privacy by Design. One of our visioning activities — Robotics resulted in a roadmap that was the basis for the National Robotics Initiative.