Resources-Communicating the Mission


  • CCC-Led White Papers

    The CCC provides white papers for the community to highlight important insights on computing research.

  • Catalyzing Computing Podcast

    The CCC’s official podcast, “Catalyzing Computing,” features interviews with researchers and policy makers about their background and experiences in the computing community, as well as recaps of visioning workshops and other events hosted by the CCC.

  • Event Videos

    Since its inception, the Computing Community Consortium has hosted dozens of research visioning workshops to envision and discuss the future of computing research. Watch video recordings of past CCC special events.

  • Presentations

    Various presentations pertaining to the computing community.

  • CCC by CS Area

    This repository contains all the available CCC resources – white papers, reports, event slides, etc. – sorted by the general topic area that they address, and listed in reverse chronological order. Categories are intended to be broad; since categorization is imperfect, many items are included in multiple categories.

  • CRN Articles

    A collection of articles from Computing Research News, a publication of CRA.

  • Computing Research in Action

    Video segments to educate and excite the public about the cutting-edge research being done by computer scientists across the country.

  • Research Highlights

    Computing Research Highlight of the Week highlights some of the exciting and important recent research results in the computing fields.