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Artificial Intelligence Roadmap

In fall 2018, the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) initiated an effort to create a 20-Year Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence, led by Yolanda Gil (University of Southern California and President of AAAI) and Bart Selman (Cornell University and President-Elect of AAAI). The goal of the initiative was to identify challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls in the AI landscape, and to create a compelling report to inform future decisions, policies, and investments in this area.

The Roadmap was based on broad community input gathered via a number of forums and communication channels: three topical workshops during the fall and winter of 2018/2019, a Town Hall at the annual meeting of the AAAI, and feedback from other groups of stakeholders in industry, government, academia, and the agencies. A draft of the Roadmap was made available on 13 May 2019 for comment by the computing research community. Following the comment period and further revision, the final version was released on August 6, 2019.

Roadmap Document

AI Roadmap Report Summary Slides

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