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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has an exciting past, present, and future. AI’s past includes sustained advances over the last half-century. AI’s present is splashed all over the news, especially due to the great successes of its machine learning subfield that build on many of these computer science advances. Reaching AI’s future potential requires moving in many complementary areas via a sustained effort that is well beyond the current successes and often pre-competitive work that is not yet commercially viable.

To catalyze AI’s future potential, the Computing Research Association’s Computing Community Consortium (CCC) will coordinate an effort over the coming year to produce a Research Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence. The goal of this activity is to set a course for the field, identify challenges and opportunities and pitfalls, and create a compelling report that will effectively inform future federal priorities—including future AI R&D Investments, as highlighted by National Science Foundation (NSF) Director France Cordova in her monthly address. In view of this, it is a critical time for the AI research community to come together to envision what that ‘more’ might be.  AI’s power is not without issues, of course, and that too needs to be part of the conversation.

In collaboration with Henry Kautz, Division Director for Intelligent Information Systems at NSF and Co-Chair of the NITRD AI R&D Interagency Working Group, CCC will work with leaders in the AI community to bring together representatives from academia, industry, and federal agencies to produce the roadmap. The model for this activity is the CCC-led Robotics Roadmap, which correctly envisioned the role of robotics as a key economic enabler and was influential in developing the National Robotics Initiative (NRI), a multi-agency initiative that is still ongoing.

Broad community input is key to effective road mapping efforts, so we are planning a number of workshops, as well as listening sessions at AI conferences, blog posts, and other activities to be developed. We need smart, perceptive, forward-looking people to help with this. It’s a major opportunity to leverage your time and effort as part of something big.


November 2018- Integrated Intelligence
Co-Chairs: Marie desJardins and Ken Forbus

  • Understanding the human mind
  • Composing intelligent capabilities
  • Open repositories of world knowledge

December 2018- Interaction
Co-Chairs: Kathy McKeown and Dan Weld

  • Interactions that matter
    Trust and responsibility

Winter 2019- Workshop 3

Members of the Executive Committee plus Steering Committee

Executive Committee

Steering Committee

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Previous Similar Activities

Robotics Roadmap – In 2009, the CCC released A Roadmap for US Robotics, From Internet to Robotics (Robotics Roadmap). The Robotics Roadmap explored the capacity of robotics to act as a key economic enabler, specifically in the areas of manufacturing, healthcare, and in the service industry, 5, 10, and 15 years into the future and was influential in developing 2011’s National Robotics Initiative (NRI). An updated version of the Robotics Roadmap was released in November 2016 and it expands on the topics discussed in the 2009 roadmap as well as addressing the areas of public safety, earth science, and workforce development. You can read the full 2016 roadmap here.

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