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Visioning Activities

Each year regulators, academics and industry get together to discuss and work on the future of computing research. The Computing Community Consortium helps in organizing, participating and promoting these events.

Role of Information Sciences and Engineering in Sustainability
February 2011

Interactive Technology
October 2010, September 2010, August 2010

Advancing Computer Architecture Research (ACAR)
September 2010, February 2010

Cross-Layer Reliability
October 2009, July 2009, March 2009

Global Development
August 2009

Learning Technology
July 2009, April 2009

Cyber-Physical Systems
May 2009, April 2009

Network Science and Engineering (NetSE)
September 2008, August 2008

From Internet to Robotics: The Next Transformative Technology
August 2008, June 2008

Theoretical Computer Science
May 2008

Big-Data Computing
March 2008