UR2PhD: Undergraduate Research to PhD Virtual Mentoring Program | Now Accepting Student Applications

We are inviting undergraduate students to apply to participate in a new CRA program called UR2PhD, whose goal is to vastly increase the number of women and other gender-marginalized students (and especially Black, Latina and Native women students) who have high-quality undergraduate research experiences and continue into PhD programs. 


Participation in this program will include engaging in a research project with a faculty member and team of one or more other undergraduate students at your local college or university while simultaneously participating in a 12-week virtual, synchronous research methods course and support program for new undergraduate researchers. This course was designed to help ease students with no prior research experience into their first research experience. 


The research methods course will teach you about the foundations of research (e.g., reading a research paper, doing a literature review, identifying and communicating a research problem, etc.) as well as foster a peer network of support – you’ll get to meet other students in computing doing research as undergraduates.   Assignments for the class will be closely tied to the work that you are doing as an undergraduate researcher (an opportunity to practice your new skills in the context of YOUR research study).


Prior research experience is not required for applying to this program.  However, in order to apply you must first identify: (1) a research mentor (faculty or graduate student) at your institution, and (2) at least one other undergraduate student who will work with you on the same project and also apply to participate in the UR2PhD program.



The undergraduate research methods course is scheduled to run September 18 through December 8, 2023, but these dates are subject to change slightly.    


To Apply:

Please complete this Google form: 



You must apply with at least one other student who will be working on the same project (larger teams are acceptable), and you must have identified a faculty or grad student mentor at your institution who agrees to supervise your research.   


Student teams that apply by August 1 will be given priority consideration.  Applications will be accepted until the course is full or the course begins.


More Information:

More information about UR2PhD can be found at http://cra.org/ur2phd and questions can be sent to ur2phd@cra.org.