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SIGCSE Panel March 17- Exploring the Data on Dual Pandemics: How Racism and COVID-19 Have Impacted the Computing Community  

At SIGCSE 2021, CRA’s Betsy Bizot will be a panelist for the session, “Exploring the Data on Dual Pandemics: How Racism and COVID-19 Have Impacted the Computing Community.” Bizot will discuss the results from two CRA surveys about the COVID-19 disruption from summer 2020 and a few tidbits from this year’s CRA Taulbee Survey ahead of full publication in May. The session will be held from 1:00 PM – 2:45 PM EDT on Wednesday, March 17.

Panel Abstract: As the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold, reports of the impact on lives, public and private industry, and education systems began to emerge. Almost simultaneously, the long-standing pandemic of racism in the U.S. was called to the forefront. The policies, structures, and members of the computing community are not immune from the impacts of these dual pandemics. While we do not yet know the long-term effects on the computing community, several efforts have emerged to advance our understanding through data collection and analysis. This panel present preliminary findings from surveys conducted by multiple organizations that explore the impact of these dual pandemics on conditions of work and education in the computing community, with a focus on the impacts on populations that have been historically underrepresented in computing. The panel invites discussion about promising (and not-so-promising) practices that have emerged in response to these pandemics and next steps to support the computing community.

The panelists for the session include:
Quincy Brown

Wendy Dubow, PhD
University of Colorado at Boulder
NCWIT Director of Evaluation

Jamie Payton
Temple University
Associate Professor

Betsy Bizot
Computing Research Association
Senior Research Associate

Beth Quinn
University of Colorado Boulder
Senior Research Scientist & AA Director