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Innovation Briefing Event

The Task Force on the Future of American Innovation and the House R&D Caucus are hosting a lunch briefing on Tuesday, April 17 at noon. The Role of Basic Research in Innovation, Economic Competitiveness and National Security will include speakers from industry and academia and will be based on the second Benchmarks report, “Measuring the […]

Cyber Security Road Map

NITRD is asking the computing community for input on a roadmap for cyber security R&D called for in the Federal Plan for Cyber Security and Information Assurance Research and Development. Individuals from academic institutions, industry, government research labs and development centers, and international organizations are encouraged to submit white papers. The request was put out […]

GAO Report on Cyber Security R&D

The Government Accountability Office has just released its report (pdf) on the state of Federal Coordination for Cyber Security R&D requested by the House Committee on Government Reform. It’s goal wasn’t to assess the state of the research portfolio, but to look at how the agencies coordinate. Here’s what they recommended: To strengthen cyber security […]

NSTC Releases Cyber Security R&D Report

The National Science and Technology Council, the cabinet-level council that coordinates S&T policies across the Federal Government, released (pdf) its plan for federal investment in cyber security research and development today. The 121-page report (pdf), called Federal Plan for Cyber Security and Information Assurance Research and Development, “sets out a framework for multi-agency coordination of […]

DMCA Slowed Disclosure of Sony/BMG Spyware

CRA has often argued that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) — enacted in 1998 to combat digital piracy — is disruptive to the process of research. When computer security researchers feel compelled by the potential liability created by DMCA to consult with an army of attorneys before moving forward with previously legitimate research, there’s […]

HASC to Review DOD Cyber Security Efforts Tomorrow

With short notice, the House Armed Services Committee Panel on Asymmetric and Unconventional Threats will hold a hearing tomorrow to examine cyber security, information assurance and information exploitation issues at the Department of Defense. I say short notice because the witness list for the hearing didn’t appear until today and the hearing’s lead witness, CRA […]