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House Panel Examines Cyber Attack Attribution

This morning, the House Committee on Science and Technology’s subcommittee on Technology and Innovation held a hearing entitled “Planning for the Future of Cyber Attack Attribution”. The hearing contained a panel of four witnesses — Dr. David Wheeler, a Research Staff Member of the Information Technology and Systems Division at the Institute for Defense Analyses, […]

The Change at DARPA

Since about 2001, the computing community – through CRA and others, and with lots of mention on this blog – has aired concerns about policy changes at the Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency (DARPA), the Defense Department’s leading-edge research arm and arguably one of the two most important agencies in the history of computer science. […]

HASC Hearing on DOD Information Technology and Cybersecurity

CRA Board member and Government Affairs Committee Chair Fred Schneider will testify along with Phillip Bond of Tech America and David Bodenheimer of Crowell and Moring, LLP at a hearing of the Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday, February 25 at 2:00 pm. The hearing will address […]

House S&T Committee Considers Cyber Security R&D

The House Committee on Science and Technology’s Research and Science Education Subcommittee marked up a bill designed to amend portions of Cyber Security R&D Act of 2005 today. The aptly named Cybersecurity Research and Development Amendments Act of 2009 (PDF) touches on several things that CRA supports including: Requires the development of a cybersecurity R&D […]

Two Information Week Articles of Interest

Two recent Information Week articles are of interest. The first article discusses the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology’s newly released report regarding the IT workforce and the need to increase the representation of women and minorities to keep America competitive. This was a theme at the recent conferences in Florida, the Richard Tapia […]

Computerworld on Sputnik, DARPA and Computing

Computerworld has fantastic coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Sputnik launch (Oct. 4th, 1957) and why, in a sense, we can thank the Soviets for helping create the conditions that led the U.S. to become the technological superpower we’ve become. Computerworld’s Gary Anthes’ piece “Happy Birthday Sputnik! (Thanks for the Internet)” does a great […]

DDR&E Asks SECDEF for Lots More S&T Money

Recognizing that the Pentagon’s science and technology investment “may be inadequate to meet the imposing security threats that challenge our Nation and may not be adequately robust to take advantage of key scientific and technological opportunities that offer breakthrough advantages to our warfighters,” John Young, the current Director of Defense Research and Engineering, has written […]

NY Times on the Challenges of Network Complexity

John Schwartz of the New York Times has an interesting piece today on the rise in complexity of networked applications and the risks that complexity poses. Headlined Who Needs Hackers?, the piece makes the point that the biggest threat to these systems isn’t malicious users, but complexity itself. Understanding how these giant interconnected systems work […]

DDR&E Strategic Plan Released

The Department of Defense Research and Engineering released its 2007 Strategic Plan this week. It’s pretty high-level and doesn’t appear to contain any surprises. The DDR&E strategy focuses on countering four different types of threats with research and engineering efforts: traditional, irregular, catastrophic, and disruptive. The plan acknowledges that the DOD has a pretty good […]