CCC Task Forces

The CCC Council is broken up into various Task Forces depending on the need from the community.

Computing in the Physical World

Chairs: Ben Zorn and Shwetak Patel

There is a lot of activity going on in the Internet of Things  area.  The goal of this task force is to focus on the core research challenges, highlight what they are and that new research is needed, and communicate the value of leveraging the research community to solve them.

Convergence of Data and Computing

Chairs: Vasant Honavar

We have done a lot in this area, starting with our series of whitepapers on Big Data and National Priorities. While many people and groups are working on big data, we need to ensure that we stay on top of what is going on.  Are there new directions we should be pushing?


Chairs: Beth Mynatt

HealthIT has been a success story for CCC. In 2014, the group is focused on Aging in Place and the BRAIN initiative. This year the task force is focusing on Promoting Strategic Research on Inclusive Access to Rich Online Content and Services.

Privacy and Fairness

Chairs: Cynthia Dwork and Sampath Kannan

In 2015, the CCC launched a series of four Privacy by Design workshops. The workshops are aimed at identifying a shared research vision to support the practice of privacy-by-design. They convene both practitioners with direct experience of the challenges in implementing privacy-by-design from a range of fields—software developers, privacy engineers, usability and interaction designers, chief privacy officers—and researchers from an equally broad range of disciplines.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Chairs: Greg Hager and Eric Horvitz

There has been a dramatically increasing interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recent years. AI has been successfully applied to societal challenge problems and it has a great potential to provide tremendous social good in the future, including but not limited to urban computing, health, environmental sustainability, and public welfare.