Ongoing CCC Activities

In the chart below you can check the status of ongoing white papers, reports, and workshops.

Title Status

Intelligent Infrastructure White Paper Series

In March, 2017, the CCC released a series of white papers surrounding intelligent infrastructure in collaboration with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA). In May, we published the A Rural Lens on a Research Agenda for Intelligent Infrastructure white paper and in June released the Privacy in Information-Rich Intelligent Infrastructure and Smart Wireless Communication is the Cornerstone of Smart Infrastructures. There are a few more intelligent infrastructure white papers in the works that will be released over the coming months.
Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Workshop Series The first workshop was held December 12th-13th at the University of Maryland. The second workshop took place August 8-9, 2017 at the University of California, San Diego. The workshop report is in progress.
Leadership in Science Policy Institute  The CCC will be holding the Leadership in Science Policy Institute (LiSPI) on November 6th and 7th in Washington, D.C. LiSPI attendance is by nomination only, please visit the eligibility page for more information and submit nominations here.

Cyber Security for Manufacturers Workshop

In March, 2017, the CCC recently co-sponsoring this workshop with MForesight: The Alliance for Manufacturing Foresight in Arlington, Virginia. In April the CCC and MForesight gave a Congressional Briefing on the workshop and its outcomes.
Cyber Social Learning Systems Workshop Series Held Workshop #1 August, 2016 in Seattle, WA. Workshop #2 in Ann Arbor, MI in November, 2016, and Workshop #3. Report in progress.
Discovery and Innovation in Smart Health Workshop Workshop was held December 5th-6th in Washington, D.C. Workshop report is in progress.
Symposium on Accelerating Science: A Grand Challenge for AI Co-hosted the AAAI Fall Symposium on Accelerating Science: A Grand Challenge for AI November 17th-19th in Arlington, VA. A workshop report is coming soon.
Artificial intelligence for Social Good Held Artificial Intelligence for the Social Good Event (AI4SG) in June, 2016 to discuss the successful deployments and the potential use of AI in various topics that are essential for social good. Watch all the workshop speakers here. The workshop report is in progress.

The CCC co-hosted the AAAI 2017 Spring Symposium on AI for Social Good in March 2017. Video records of the workshop can be found here.

Extensible Distributed Systems Workshop Working on report.
Privacy by Design Workshops Workshop report in progress.
Robotics Workshops/White Paper Recently released Next Generation Robotics white paper.
AI and Robotics Task Force Task force member Maja Matarić spoke at the AAAS 2017 panel on Assistive and Rehabilitative Robotics and gave a flash talk on Socially Assistive Robots.

The task force recently released the Advances in Artificial Intelligence Require Progress Across all of Computer Science white paper. Other recent activity includes the Next Generation Robotics report and AI for Social Good workshop.

Computing in the Physical World Task Force The task force has released the System Computing Challenges in the Internet of Things and Smart Communities Internet of Things white papers.
Convergence of Data and Computing Task Force This task force has released the Opportunities and Challenges for Next Generation ComputingAccelerating Science: A Computing Research Agendaand the Accelerating Science: A Computing Research Agenda white papers.
Healthcare Task Force Task force members Shwetak Patel, Beth Mynatt, and Ben Zorn spoke at the AAAS 2017 on a panel titled, When Everyday Objects Become Internet Devices: A Science Policy Agendaand Dr. Patel gave a flash talk on mobile phones in health.

In December, 2016 the CCC held the Smart and Pervasive Health Workshop in Washington, D.C. The workshop report is in progress.

Privacy Task Force This task force recently released the Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis for the Federal Statistical Agencies white paper. Other recent activities includes the Sociotechnical Cybersecurity workshop and Towards a Privacy Research Roadmap for the Computing Community white paper.

For more information about ongoing CCC activities contact Director Ann Drobnis at adrobnis [at]